2018-2019 CRCC Annual Awards Lunch

2018/19 Presidents Cup winner Dave MCCauleyDave MACauley

The annual CRCC  Awards Lunch was held at the Kent Street Weir CREEK Eco centre last Sunday.  The event was fully booked with 54 people attending.  It was clearly our best one ever held, these awards lunches have been going on in their current format since 2011.  A beautiful lunch was served on fine plates and cutlery, a step up from paper plates and plastic utensils.  A big thank you to Simone Burge and David Griffiths for organising the event.

For this of you interested here is the presentation we built for the event with all the existing club records and best 2018/19 times.

Awards Presentation – (Microsoft PowerPoint Version)

Awards Presentation – PDF (if you don’t have Microsoft PowerPoint)