Presidents Cup

President’s Cup

The “President’s Cup” will be awarded to the participant that achieves the lowest aggregate of time differential to their nominated times over any ten club nomination races over the paddling season 1 October to 30th September.  Note: To qualify for the President’s Cup paddlers must do the adult length course, not the short or guppy courses. Guppies will have their own competition and be determined in the same manner as the President’s Cup. No watches, GPS or timing assistance is permitted.

Entry into the competition is free and automatic for all CRCC members.

A record will be kept of all participants nomination time differential aggregate, which will be posted on the Club website to enable participants to see how they are fairing over the year. Once a participant has ten nomination race results they are eligible to win the award. After ten nomination races, participants will be able to substitute nomination differentials with lower ones after any subsequent race.

i.e. John Smith (in Seconds) – Actual Time differential to Nominated Time

10 25 3 20 12 40 35 16 10 4

Total 175 seconds

If John Smith in his next race achieves a time that is say 30 seconds from his nominated time, he would substitute the 40 seconds with the 30 seconds and after 11 races have a total of 165. Alternatively if he was 45 seconds from his nominated time in his 11th race, he would not enter that result and therefore leave his total at 175.

Following the last nomination race of the year, the participant with the lowest aggregate score will be deemed the winner.

The first place winner shall receive a plaque on a perpetual trophy which will ultimately be housed in the clubhouse.

In addition to the President’s Cup a separate award will be given to the CRCC Guppy paddler of the year, which will be determined on the same basis.