CRCC Merino Paddling Vest

Don’t miss out on getting your order in for a genuine merino CRCC paddling Jersey (See design below)

These Jerseys are perfect for any winter activity whether it be Paddling or Mountain Biking.  Each Jersey has three pockets at the back, a ¼ zipper  on the front and has been designed in CRCC’s colours with embroidered logos on the sleeve. In fact they look so good you could wear them out to a function! For those that haven’t experienced merino products, you will be amazed at how well they can regulate temperature, not to mention resist stinking up after a few outings. It really is an exceptional material.

The club will be placing an order by the end of November so ensure you email Simone Burge ( with your size asap (see chart below and link to website that will provide further information

These are expensive so we are not making any money they are at cost to you.

The cost is $170 and we will require full payment upfront. Please pay Simone either on Tuesday night or arrange to have payment transferred into CRCC’s account.

We will only order those that have been fully paid by the end of November.

Those that miss the deadline will be severely disappointed (not to mention shivering with cold) when their fellow members start strutting the paddling circuit next winter!

Merino Jersey


Chest Sizes

XS <88cm

S       88 – 93cm

M      94 – 99cm

L      100 – 105cm

XL     106 – 111cm

XXL   112 – 117cm




CRCC Committee