2014 / 15 Presidents Cup Update

Well there’s 8 weeks left in the season so its time to have a quick look at how the Presidents Cup is going.

For those of you who have forgotten here’s how it works.

Every time you paddle in a Tuesday evening nomination race we keep your result, ie the number of seconds you were away from your nominated time.  At the end of the season the winner of Canning River Canoe Club’s most prestigious trophy, the Presidents Cup is won by the paddler who has the lowest total of the sum of his lowest 10 nomination results.  Confused?  Its easy really, once you’ve paddled 10 nomination races during the year we add up the total time that you’ve been away from your nominated time, then every week if you get a low result we replace your highest score with the new lower one.

Anyway at this time of year the Presidents Cup goes into secrecy mode, we can’t tell you the actual scores, lets just say its still very close but what we can tell you is the top 12 paddlers are separated by around 100 seconds, which means with a couple of good results anyone could still win.

The table below is sorted by the number of nomination races (the number next to the paddler indicates the number of nomination races they have completed) and then by the nomination score (not shown) – Yes Doug Hodson is in front but its very close.  .  So you can see Gary Killian and Peter Fergusson need just one more nomination race to be in contention for the Cup, they would then hit the magic 10 nomination races and then be sorted in the 10 group – and who knows could jump to the top of the list.  Luke Egger last years Presidents Cup winner is shown with the trophy.

Doug Hodson 10
Simon O’Sullivan 10
Jake Hammond 10
Christian Thompson 10
Tim Coward 10
Louis Botes 10
Cindy Coward 10
David Griffiths 10
Luke Egger 10
Nicholas Ringrose 10
Jeff Lohrey 10
Steve Coward 10
Steve Egger 10
Joe Wilson 10
Mike Galanty 10
Tom Green 10
David Gardiner 10
Graham Macmahon 10
Marg Alderson 10
Mitch Garbutt 10
Malcolm Goodall 10
Roland Bodt 10
Ken Ringrose 10
Stuart Hyde 10
Jeff Stone 10
Peter Burge 10
Gary Killian 9
Peter Fergusson 9
Lloyd Noel 8
John Horner 8
David Urquhart 6
Carlo Cottino 6
Tim Hyde 6
Malcolm Percival 6
Damian Cooper 5
Simone Burge 5
Liam Thompson 4