Presidents Cup Update

Well its half way thru the season so its time to have a look at how the presidents cup is going.

Remember the Presidents Cup runs like a golf ecelectic, it adds up your 10 best nomination results for the year, the winner being the paddler with the lowest 10 nomination race results.

So at this stage there are 5 paddlers who have reached the 10 nomination mark, this means these paddlers can now start replacing their largest nomination times with lower times.  The 5 paddlers in order are;

Doug Hodson 433

Jake Hammond 466

Dave Griffiths 529

Christian Thompson 672

Louis Botes 1019

There are a few other paddlers who only need 1 or 2 more nominations to qualify, including, Graham Macmahon, Luke Egger, Jeff Lohrey, Steve and Cindy Coward, Nicholas Ringrose.

Good Luck everyone