Club Boats

The club has a variety of boats to suit all levels and ages of paddler, from Guppy K1s for young children to stable plastics for Adults.

These boats are available for hire at Club events by members and non-members. Note: Boats can not be hired by non-members for non-club activities.

Boats must be pre-booked in accordance with the following:

Club Members will get priority in booking boats for Tuesday nights, so we will keep bookings limited to club members up to Friday night each week. If a boat has not been booked by Friday night it may then be booked by anyone up to Monday night. Don’t leave booking to Tuesday morning as the message may not be received in time for Tuesday afternoon. Where there is demand by more than one person for the same boat, we will try and rotate the use around from week to week so that everyone gets a fair go at using it.

In regard to guppies, the intention is that the Clubs guppy boats are for new kids to try paddling prior to seeing whether they are sufficiently interested to keep going in the sport. This can range from a few weeks to a few months. Once parents are satisfied that their child does wish to pursue the sport, we would encourage them to purchase their own boat. Although they are hard to find second hand, they do keep their value very well if properly looked after and can be resold at a later date once the child grows out of the boat or loses interest in paddling. If the boat was purchased second-hand, it is not unusual to sell for the same price as it was bought for.

To book a Guppy K1 or K2 –  click here

To book an Adult boat – click here