Canning River Scavenger Hunt


Date:                             Sunday 23 October 2011

Time:                             Registration     1.00pm

Briefing             1.20pm

Start                   1.30pm

Finish                 4.00pm

Sausage Sizzle from 4.00pm

Presentation    4.30pm

Start/Finish Point:       Kent Street Weir – limit of hunt is the Shelley Bridge (Leach Highway)

What to Bring:             Kayak, paddle and PFD (note: PDF compulsory for kids under 14)

Digital Camera (one per team) – preferably waterproof or at least in a waterproof container

Tupperware Container with lid (one per team) lunch box size.

Drinking Water


Aqua Shoes

Length of Paddle:       Approximately 6.5kms.

Cost:                              $10.00 (includes food and drink) for all competitors that are members of a Canoeing WA affiliated Club.  Extra $10 for non CWA-members .

Registration:                   Email Steve Egger on by the 21 October 2011 to register team including name of Team, name of Adult escort, names of Team members,  their age and club and type of boat being paddled.

Any questions please call on 0402 312 620.


The Canning River Canoe Club is organising a Paddle Scavenger Hunt to facilitate getting to know paddlers from the other local paddling clubs. While the event is targeted towards junior and guppy paddlers, paddlers of any age can participate. In addition to being a social afternoon of paddling, the event will incorporate some educational aspects in regard to the Canning River System.


Teams will comprise two or three guppies (any age) with at least one adult escort paddler.  The adult escort paddler is part of the team and can participate and assist the team in any way. A handicap system will be used and be based upon the age (on the day) of the youngest single boat paddler in the team.  All teams must stay together and time will be taken when the team returns to Kent Street Weir and hands over hunt list, camera and items. For awarding time bonus points a time handicap system will be applied as follows:

Under 8           +0 mins

Under 9           +2 mins

Under 10         +4 mins

Under 11         +6 mins

Under 12         +8 mins

Under 14         +10 mins

Over 14           +15 mins


At the start of the hunt, teams will be given a waterproof marker and a list of items with associated points that they must collect or do on the hunt. A map will also be provided indicating key points and boundary of paddle course. Once all items on the list have been completed the teams can return to the start point.  Teams can decide to return at any time even if not all items have been completed. All teams must return to start point within two and half hours of the start. A point will be deducted for every full minute a team arrives back at the start point after the cut off.

Any type of canoe, kayak or ski can be used. Doubles are permitted however one boat in team must be a single.

The Scavenger Hunt List will comprise four sections including

a.      Things to find and bring back.

b.      Things to photograph on a digital camera. Photos will be viewed on the camera by an official upon return and must clearly show the subject being photographed to earn points.

c.       Questions to answer.

d.      An activity to do


Points will be awarded for items in each section of the scavenger list and bonus points will be awarded (or deducted) for time taken. Therefore if you are the last one back you may still aggregate more points than teams who were quicker but didn’t find or complete all items. The team with the most overall points will be declared the winner!