CRCC Business Plan update

The CRCC Business Plan is now 5 years old and requires updating, you can see the existing plan on our website under CLUB, DOCUMENTS.

To do so the Committee is looking for members input to help frame the development of the club over the next 5 years.

For the next few weeks after the Tuesday night paddling we will be posing a single topic to the members seeking their input.  We hope this will generate a short discussion, the planned topics are;

  • Week 1 : Communication methods and recreational paddling – what do club members want?
  • Week 2 : Should we and if so how do we promote competitive paddling, what is the attitude to junior development?
  • Week 3 : What club facilities and club boats should we provide?
  • Week 4 : Club activities, what should we provide, Tuesday evenings, Saturdays?

If any members have any views please attend the sessions or contact the committee.



CRCC Committee