Saturday Training Program commencing 7th March

Date Activity Training type
7/3/15 2,4,6,4,2 min x 3 aerobic
14/3/15 8 x 2min efforts lactic acid tolerance
21/3/15 3 x 9 min then 6 x 4 min efforts aerobic
28/3/15 K2 skills session. Bring your K2 if you have one or turn up with your paddle if you don’t skills development
4/4/15 6 x 6 min efforts Lactic acid tolerance
11/3/15 2,4,6,8,10,8,6,4,2 minute efforts aerobic
18/3/15 10 x 2 min efforts Lactic acid tolerance
25/4/15 2 min wash leads to Prisoners Pt and back aerobic

All welcome. If you can balance your boat and paddle for 30 minutes you can benefit from these sessions. All you need is the desire to improve your paddling.

If this is your first time with the group please let me know so I can explain a few things.