2nd March Social Paddle the Canning

Mike Galanty 0405037969 has organised a social paddle for this coming Public Holiday Monday, 7.30am.

Any members are welcome to join us on this paddle which will start from Lowry St Riverton at 7:30am and go to Nicholson Rd bridge, then return.

We’ll have to portage around at Kent St Wier.  We expect to return to Riverton by 11:30am where we could then have coffee from Le Quay Cafe at Riverton Bridge. Contact Mike for any additional info and/or details of meeting place.

NOTE: For this event,  apart from prior paddling experience you need to have adequate swimming ability (in case of spills!) and ability to do a ‘wet’ exit in the case of kayak users. Also you must bring (& wear!) a PFD/life-jacket, plus water and sunblock.